How We Started

KORRES Innovation and Awards.



KORRES is awarded as the World's Most Innovative Brand by International Cosmetic News, while later in the year, the KORRES New York flagship store in SoHo is also awarded first prize at the Retail Renovation Competition. The brand launches its Formula Facts initiative to communicate in an honest, transparent, and easy to comprehend way, the natural percentage of each formula, as well as the ingredients that are selected and those that are avoided. A daring and novel step within the industry, the Formula Facts panel is positively received by consumers, beauty experts and editors alike, while Sephora US uses the Formula Facts panel as a benchmark for assessing all of the natural cosmetic brands that have a presence in its network. In December the first ever KORRES fragrance launches. George Korres worked closely with the world's best perfume houses – in Tokyo, Geneva and Gras – on three unique formulations to best represent the brand's mood through scent.


After five years of primary research on Proteasome & Human Ageing, KORRES presents its third global innovation –the first natural antiageing line to achieve higher scores on all clinical tests compared to the market's best-selling conventional antiageing creams. A brand milestone, the Quercetin & Oak line blows apart the theory that only conventional age-defying creams work and proves that nature's chemistry can be stronger than man-made.In late 2009 a mapping of the Greek flora is completed, fulfilling a long-term KORRES team vision of exploring and promoting the beneficial activity of the country's unique, native plants. This vision also comes to life through scientific research on the properties of Greek herbs as well as the brand's cooperations with local farmers -- teaching organic farming, supporting and incentivising local farmers through contractual farming, and developing an exemplary, first-for-Greece, herbal extraction unit. Key to the KORRES vision are ethical, environmental and social programmes that support local communities and endangered plants, while also promoting the production of Greek, organic active extracts of superior quality.



American ELLE votes KORRES Quercetin & Oak Antiageing & Antiwrinkle Night Cream one of the World's Best Beauty Products, while American Marie Claire hails the day cream as one of '25 miracle-products that will change your life'. The European Union grants KORRES funding for a four year study of the antioxidant, antigeing and sun-protection activity of over 3,600 natural antioxidant extracts. [From Biodiversity to Chemodiversity: Novel Plant Produced Compounds with Agrochemical and Cosmetic interest, AGROCOS]. Executed in cooperation with eight international university and research centres, the study will be completed by 2014. The study supports the KORRES goals of developing innovative and clinically effective skincare products based on natural, active ingredients; promoting research of natural ingredients in relation to skin biochemistry; projecting the benefits of unique Greek flora through cooperations with local farmers; and producing proprietary high value organic extracts.


As KORRES turns 15, George Korres revisits his grandfather's classic recipe, this time based on aromatic herbs from the island of Naxos, and introduces a limited edition rakomelon, celebrating the short journey of a Greek, pharmacy skincare brand with its fellow 'travelers' -friends, colleagues and pharmacists.