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Aloe & Dittany Shampoo For Normal Hair 250ml

With organic extracts of dittany, marjoram & mountain tea from the island of CreteKEY FEATURES & BENEFITSGentle shampoo with a blend of mild cleansing and conditioning agents, ideal for everyday use.KEY INGREDIENTSAloe, rich in proteins and amino acids, moisturises the hair increasing its elasticity while Dittany's mild ant..


Blue Sage Showergel 250ml Exp 10/2019

AquaticKEY FEATURES & BENEFITSScented and moisturising showergel, ideal for everyday use. The new showergel formula is based on Wheat Proteins, which form a protective film on the skin, maintaining its regular hydration level.BLUE SAGE:The king of herbs for ancient Greeks and Romans – savior as per its Latin name, it imparts wis..

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Lime Styling Gel Normal Hold 150ml

Long-lasting styling that nourish and protect the hairKEY FEATURES & BENEFITSNormal hold gel for long-lasting styling that does not weigh hair down. Easily removed by brushing.KEY INGREDIENTSMacadamia extract, glycerin and wheat proteins moisturise the hair and prevent flaking.FORMULA FACTS & INGREDIENTSMacadamia, Glycerin &a..


Magnesium & Wheat Proteins Toning Shampoo For Men 200ml

Prevents hair-loss & improves hair strengthKEY INGREDIENTSA combination of minerals fortifies fragile hair from root to end, while wheat proteins protect hair from breaking.Magnesium:In the beginning of the 17th century, a farmer at Epsom in England noticed that the water from his farm’s well seemed to heal scratches and rashes..

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Mountain Pepper Showergel 250ml

KEY FEATURES & BENEFITSMOUNTAIN PEPPER/BERGAMOT/CORIANDER follows a spicier, uplifting, bitter sweet mood that combines herbs and aromatic wood.MOUNTAIN PEPPER:Mountain Pepper owes its name to the small pepper resembling berries of a tropical tree, Litsea cubeba. The fresh smelling, rejuvenating essential oil deriving from the..


Rice Proteins & Linden Shampoo For Thin/Fine Hair 250ml Exp 02/2020

With organic extracts of dittany, marjoram & mountain tea from the island of CreteKEY FEATURES & BENEFITSStrengthening and volumising shampoo for thin/fine hair.KEY INGREDIENTSRice proteins increase hair elasticity and density while adding natural, lasting volume. Linden extract forms a protective .lm on hair surface, improv..

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Vetiver Root Showergel 250ml Exp 05/2020

Moisturising & perfumed showergelKEY INGREDIENTSEvocative of fertile earth and moist wood, the essence deriving from the thin aromatic roots of the Vetiver plant. Rich, heavy, warm, sensual, the essential oil of this Asian grass is known as the Oil of Tranquility in India.FORMULA FACTS & INGREDIENTSVetiver Root:Evocative o..

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