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Ingredients we select

We develop skincare products based on two fundamental axes; our primary and applied research findings, and our values, our ongoing commitment: to project the benefits of Greek herbs; to develop skin and environmentally friendly formulations with a natural content varying between    80-99,80%; to avoid the use of chemical substances like mineral oils, silicones, parabens and propylene glycol amongst others.

These substances are replaced with natural ingredients. The natural active ingredients that we use derive from four ingredient groups:


Ingredients inherited from our pharmacy days / Calendula, Echinacea, Hypericum, Evening Primrose


Plants that have evolved adaptations to grow in Greece's unique environment / Thyme, Sage, Bay Laurel, Olive, Mastiha 


Beneficial ingredients with advanced skincare properties including Yoghurt, Thyme Honey


Actives such as natural antioxidant Quercetin, with proven efficacy as per the findings of international  research programmes including the primary research carried by the Korres Research & Development Lab.

A close look at some of the ingredients we avoid


Synthetic oils originating from chemically processed petroleum. When used in cosmetics, they tend to block the pores and inhibit skin functions.


A wide family of synthetic compounds, used in cosmetics for their smooth texture. In addition to carrying the disadvantages of synthetic oils, silicones are not environment friendly as they are non-biodegradable. 


A group of compounds used as preservatives, which has become increasingly controversial. Overexposure to a specific paraben 'family' [butyl, methyl, ethyl] mainly through the Food, Pharmacy and Cosmetics industries, has been accused of irritant and/or toxic action. 


The most commonly used solvent for plant extracts. Of synthetic origin, it has been linked repeatedly to various allergies. 


A family of synthetic compounds used to adjust a product's pH or viscocity. Ethanolamines have been linked to a number of allergies and various  skin irritations. 


Synthetic compounds mainly used as solvents and stabilizers while they can also be part of foaming and cleansing systems. Several PEGs have been linked to skin irritations. At KORRES, we try to avoid PEGs whenever possible when we formulate new products.

Formula Facts

Sincere and transparent communication with those selecting our products, is of extreme significance to us. The practice of 'greenwashing' has been extensively and growingly employed in cosmetics. Many brands make all-natural claims despite only using an extremely low percentage of natural ingredients and/or stress that they avoid specific substances when instead they are using several others that can be even more harmful.

The level of misunderstanding and the overload of information surrounding natural ingredient based cosmetics, combined with difficult to understand ingredient lists as those featured on standard packaging, make it even harder for consumers to choose the right product for them. Bearing this in mind, we use the Formula Facts table on our packaging to fully describe the percentage of natural content as well as the formula synthesis, in a way that everybody can comprehend.



The first natural 24-hour moisturising face cream, the first KORRES cosmetic and a global best-seller since its launch. The Wild Rose oil – a popular KORRES pharmacy ingredient – has been selected to create moisturising and brightening products. A natural source of Vitamin C, it demonstrates significant repairing activity to fine lines and pigmentation disorders. It is also rich in linoleic and linolenic acid, offering significant moisturising, healing and softening properties.


The first cosmetic formula globally to incorporate edible yoghurt; the greatest 'beauty' challenge to date, the development of a stable cosmetic formula  preserving all of 'live' yoghurt's benefits was a scientific and innovative achievement as well as a global first for the cosmetics industry.


The first cosmetic worldwide based on the Nobel-awared discovery of the Proteasome; a result of primary research on 'Proteasome & Ageing'. The first natural cream to achieve higher scores on all comparative crash-tests with the market's top-selling antiageing creams.


A natural, sustainable and more efficacious answer to the film-forming properties of non-biodegradable silicone, blowing apart the theory that without silicones hair is not protected or conditioned. Crash-tested against the market's leading silicone-based shampoo, the KORRES formulation creates a healthy protection film similar to the silicone one though with greater efficacy and zero build-up.


A natural formulation incorporating two innovations: the biology of the proteasome & how this can be boosted naturally with Quercetin (KORRES innovation/ patent) and the biology of the matrix metaloproteinases (MMPs) & how these can be regulated naturally with Black Pine polyphenol, Epigallocatechin (KORRES innovation). Four systems of natural antiageing:

1 firming and re-contouring

2 instant lifting

3 antiwrinkle

4 hydration and brightness.

Research Projects

Following on from the introduction of Quercetin & Oak, the first natural line to outpace top-selling conventional antiageing creams, based on a NOBEL awarded discovery and the findings of primary research on Proteasome & Ageing, KORRES achieves another first  with new principal research.

A research proposal on the study of 3,600 natural actives, submitted by KORRES in collaboration with eight [8] research centres, has achieved the highest mark [14.5/15] by the European Community as part of the Seventh Framework EU Programme for Research, Technological Development and Demonstration Activities.

The primary research proposal, one of 11 in total submitted by 106 participants, achieved the highest score after a 12-month assessment. KORRES in collaboration with eight [8] research centres will be studying the cosmetic properties of 3,600 natural actives, focusing on their antiageing, antioxidant, sun-protecting action  [antiageing, anti-hyper-pigmentation & UV-protection].

The research will discover and carry to the stage of development candidates, plant derived small molecules with potential as new cosmetic agents. These compounds will derive from plants originating from major   biodiversity hotspots in Europe, Africa, Latin America, and the Asia-Pacific region.


Centre National De La Recherche Scientifique


Universitaet Basel


Universidad de Panama




Bruker Biospin GMBH Lab


Council for Scientific and Industrial Research

South Africa

University of Athens



A four year research project (April 2010 – March 2014)

500 natural compounds screened (Bio prospecting)

A shortlist of the most efficacious /3,600 extracts generated out of the most efficacious compounds (Chemodiversity)

All 3,600 extracts screened / UV-protection, anti-aging, anti-hyper-pigmentation (Bio evaluation)

Evaluation of the findings (Bio automatics)

Selecting the top 30 out of the 3,600 extracts / further selection of the top 5 which could be applied commercially (Development – Advanced Testing – Feasibility Study)

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